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About us

We are an agricultural company Incorporated in Kenya in 2015 and we have been in the export of organic exotic fruits since 2015.
We partner with thousands of enthusiastic small holder farmers, selected orchardists’ and wild collectors to bring you the acclaimed super fruits: the avocado and passion fruit.
With an endowed sunny climate all year round, rich volcanic soils combined with a dedicated and competent personnel with a delicate keenness towards food safety assurance and quality we are delighted to fulfill your need for a natural, nutritious products that also promotes health and wellbeing. This is what excites us every day and makes us wonder in the wild to craft something new that enriches life.

Our Core Values


At the heart of what we do, our business is guided by innovation not only coming up with products that enrich lives but also on improving and devising better way of doing things with focus on people, process efficiencies and the natural environment. Innovation to us is to apply technologies, creativity, methodologies, desires for better and more and whilst integrating the best business practices.


We cannot over emphasize this social capital value but as a company we highly regard to be honest and transparent in our undertakings. We believe this makes us whole and undivided in our resolute to deliver on our promises and other business deliverables.



As a business we value and cherish the beauty and tapestry of a diverse culture and people we interact with. We have a firm policy not to discriminate and aberrate on a people based on their faith, race, gender or proclivities. With a dynamic world and social interactions more culturally diversified we endeavor to develop a framework in our workplace where this value is solidified and resonates to humanism.

Our Partners

We have partnered with thousand of dedicated small holder farmers in parts of East Africa. We provide them with the best agricultural know how on sustainable organic farming, farm inputs and equipment’s as well as ensure their farms meet GlobalGap, Grasp, SMETA and EU non-Agriculture standards certifications in order to access international markets with fair prices promise.

We cherish the close working relationship we have with leading importers of organic and fair-trade fruits and vegetables in Netherlands and Spain. It is through their courtesy that we have overtime grown as a company and they have ben instrumental in the effective product placement and alignment in the markets. They play an important role in current and future products place within the dynamic consumer demand and trends. We take a special cognizance of Eosta BV whose business market opportunities has invariably impacted on the organic avocados space in Kenya.

We have immensely benefited through the funding of Alterfin BV in the business key areas of working capital and this has enabled us to increase our farmer network and Capex. Alterfin is a social and for impact investor working in the developing countries and whose goal is to improve the livelihoods and conditions of the economically disadvantaged small holder farmers.

Mavuno has adopted and continue to maintain important global product sectors standards protocols that demonstrate our commitments to produce and trade in quality, safe and healthy products that safeguard the environment as well as positively impact on the social economic wellbeing of communities we work with. These include: globalgap, grasp, SMETA, non EU agriculture- organic standards and ISO 22000. To achieve this, we procure services of reputable and Global leading certification bodies working in the respective audit and certification areas.

Our Mission

“Sustainably grow and provide organic health food products with a promise for good nutrition and wealth creation”