"Living wage in practice:
A take by
Miriam a dedicated Mavuno factory worker.

Our Workers

Employees are in the heart of all we do, and we strive to see they are motivated and energetic. We provide a ‘Living Wage Income’ to our workers in the lower rungs. A Living Wage (LW) is the radical new thought in the supply chain, and it seeks object is to see workers earn an income that adequately meets their contemporary financial needs and far and large a decent living. It is imperative to note that the ‘living wages’ concept take into account the true cost of living of workers in the respective region and are largely higher than even the well-meaning countries labor legislations and international covets governing minimum wages.


1 +1=8 sounds illogical? wait a minute through our work we continue to have an exponential impact and impressions left on many families in the rural areas of East Africa. We provide fairer produce prices compared to the competition; in fact, we are now bridging to what we refer as a ‘living income’ benchmarks. Efforts have been made to see the farmers get an income from the sales of fruits that ensures they meet they have a decent living. We see many have constructed better houses, can educate their children, meet medication and other amenities. It is evident even the said fair-trade certified products do not meet a true reflection of the cost of production and living of poor producers in many regions of the developing world. We are not oblivious also of the wider communities hailing around the production areas and we are deliberate in giving back too. We have sponsored children and youth for education and vocational skills acquisition from poor backgrounds in Kenya. We are also involved in water and environmental conservation projects.