Our Products.


Our ongoing investments in processing of what is in industrial terms referred as Individual Quick Frozen (IQF) avocado and mango dices is a groundbreaking activity aimed at providing to the food service and retail sectors with a high quality ready to eat products with a promise to maintain same taste, natural appearance and produced in the most stringent food quality and safety environments. Again, it will ensure the consumers can enjoy their favourite products all year around.

Our IQF products are processed using the latest freezing technologies and the products shelf life is over 6 months while frozen. Forget the hassle of peeling and destoning our products before they are ready to eat.

Application: Use in healthy avocado salads, sandwiches, guacamole, smoothies, wraps and all you can imagine, there are countless ideas to play around with the avocado ready to eat dices.

Products availability:

Avocado dices/slices 12x500g Pouches in a box   

Avocado slices 24x 250g pouches in a box   

Our markets: Food service product distributors and eateries.